What’s the Difference Between Google Ads and Google Organic?

Google is the biggest place to be seen online, just think about all the times you search it for what you need every single day. When it comes to finding your business, users are going to turn to Google too. When they do, you want to make sure that finding your business is as easy as possible, and the way to do that is by boosting your search engine ranking. When it comes to high rankings, understanding the difference between search engine advertising and organic search is key, and Marketing Java has what you need to know, right here!

Google Ads vs Google Organic

Getting a site to rank well is a task that every business is faced with, and the big question is whether you should focus on Google Ads or Google organic. The answer isn’t easy, but understanding the difference between search engine advertising and organic search is the first step. Making a choice without understanding the differences can cost you time, money, and hurt your business.

Google Ads

Google Ads is a form of search engine advertising that uses paid ads to help your site list and rank highly on Google.com. While you might not be familiar with search engine advertising, you’ve likely seen it before.

When you search for something online, sometimes the first sites that rank have a little green rectangle with the word “ad” in them displayed next to the URL. That indicates that those businesses are using search engine advertising to better rank their websites. Google Ads is also referred to as pay-per-click (PPC) ads because businesses have the option to only pay for this advertising if it’s successful. That means you only pay when a user clicks on your website.

Ads are super useful for businesses that are looking for quick sales on their website or calls into their business because they work almost immediately. Google Ads can create results in just a matter of hours, so they’re great for seasonal companies or companies looking for a quick boost in sales. But, if you depend on Google Ads as your main way of achieving high rankings all the time, you’ll be missing out on making your website as appealing as can be.

Google Organic

Google organic is when users find your website naturally. When a search is run, the algorithm that analyzes all the results chooses the ones that contain the most relevant information. Achieving high rankings the organic way is all about SEO. The right SEO will enhance your site and help search engines understand your business better so that it ranks higher.

With effective SEO your website can rise to the top without search engine advertising, but the results may not be quite as immediate. While SEO might take longer to work, it’s a long-term solution and a must-have for all businesses. Unlike Google Ads, SEO keeps working, but as soon as you stop running an ad, your website stops showing up in the ads section.

Plus, while Google Ads is effective for getting users to land on your page, once they’re there the more optimized your page is the greater your conversions and return on investment will be. So even if you’re about to turn to ads to increase traffic, it’s important to make sure your site is optimized first.

Boosting Your SEO Rankings Today!

Even when you know the difference between search engine advertising and organic search fueled by SEO, implementing them for your business can be overwhelming. So to get the high rankings you need to be seen, contact the pros at Marketing Java today! For all your digital marketing and search engine advertising in Denver and nationwide, contact Marketing Java today and see how we can help your business rise to the top.

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