Small Business Basics: Web Design Elements of a Beautiful Site

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Today’s consumer is quick to judge a company by their website. They believe (whether consciously or subconsciously) that the site is a direct reflection of the business and the people behind it. Have you ever thought about all of the elements that make up a beautiful site? Here are some of the top factors that make a website appealing:

Cleanly Content

Having the right amount of content on a site is key for it to be beautiful and easy for the user to navigate. It’s important to provide visitors all of the information they need, without overwhelming them. A cluttered site where information is buried under a million clicks will irritate visitors. So, content should be organized and concise, so that users can quickly find what they need.

Space Out

Embrace white space. If you’re not familiar with the term, white space is the blank areas in design, where no content exists. It’s an important element of design, because it provides balance and gives the viewer’s eyes a place to find rest. If a website is chock-full of images, words and flashing ads, it can feel overwhelming and chaotic. Keep things simple and tastefully organize the content on your site to provide an enjoyable experience for your visitors.

Color TheoryTaste the Rainbow

It’s amazing how much color affects our moods. In all areas of the design world, professionals utilize colors to invoke specific emotions. So, it’s no surprise that color is an important element of your web design. Check out this awesome article on The Next Web, about how to incorporate the right colors into your website.

Type Hype

You may be surprised to learn that typography can spark feelings and emotions for your viewers, just as colors do. Here are the two basic types of fonts and what they convey:

  • Serif fonts have the “feet” on them, like Times New Roman, and are seen as professional, academic and serious.
  • Sans-serif fonts are footless, like Arial, and are viewed as modern, sophisticated and clean.

No matter which type you choose, think about the spacing between characters and paragraphs, to make your content easy to read.

There are multiple factors that make up a beautiful website. By incorporating all of these elements, you can create a virtual space that is inviting and appealing for your visitors.


Photo Credit: The Next Web