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Gifted Hands GalleryAt Marketing Java, we like our business savvy served up like our coffee: strong brewed and bold, with just a touch of the sweet stuff. So in this feature, we’ll highlight the stories of small business owners, including their joys, challenges and everything in between! This week, we’re featuring Amy Howard, the owner of Gifted Hands Gallery. Amy is a jewelry designer and co-owned another store in Boulder, prior to the gallery.

Gifted Hands Gallery Brand Inspiration

The gallery was originally opened by Brianna Murtha and her mother, Cathasha Cabrielle, who owns the original Gifted Hands Gallery in Madrid, New Mexico. Brianna passed away in February 2014 and her mother was looking for someone interested in jewelry and art to continue the work Brianna started. Amy’s jewelry background and passion for Southwestern art, Native American culture and nature-based Spirituality made her the the ideal candidate to take over the business.

Small Business Benefits for Amy

Amy enjoys owning a small gallery because of the connections she makes with her customers. She loves hearing the stories and memories that customers share when they see a certain piece of art or jewelry piece in the shop. The gallery also provides the opportunity for Amy to constantly learn new things and she’s shared her passion for learning with her two children.

Small Business Challenges for Amy

Like any small business owner, Amy faces the challenge of balancing her business and home life. As a single mom of two grade-school children, she strives to spend plenty of time with them and keep the gallery open regular hours.

How Gifted Hands Gallery Markets to the Local Community

Gifted Hands Gallery is a member of the Louisville Chamber of Commerce, Downtown Business Association and Louisville Art District. Amy donates artwork to fundraiser auctions for local organizations. One of her community-centered goals is to starting offering speaking events at the gallery.

Amy’s Advice to Small Business Owners

Amy says, “Follow your dreams, but take it one step at a time. It is a good idea to outline the course you want to see your business on and plan for contingencies. Stay flexible – you never know what waits around the next bend.”

It was such a pleasure hearing from Amy and learning about her unique path to business ownership. She offered a great reminder about making family a priority and taking things as they come. Stop by to see her amazing collection of art and unique jewelry here.

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