Stop! It’s Time to Define Your Blog’s Audience

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If you’ve started a business blog or are just thinking about starting one,  you have probably sat around on more than one occasion and pondered “What should I write?” It makes sense that this is often the first thing people consider; after all, a blog is nothing without its content. But, there is actually one thing even more important than what or how you write: Your audience. So before you think about writing your blog post… stop! It’s time figure out who you’re writing it for.

As wonderful as it would be to sit and blog about whatever comes to mind, the reality is that in order to be a successful blogger you need to tailor your content to a specific group of people you want to reach. Writing a blog for young women will be very different than writing a blog for middle-aged men, for example. We see many bloggers put in a considerable amount of time to write a well-crafted post, only to have it completely overlooked because it is aimed at the wrong people. Not only is this going to lead you to extreme frustration, but we’re also 100% sure that you don’t have time for this.

Just like determining your specific demographic when selling your products or service, identifying your target audience now is going to help eliminate the guesswork and save you a lot of time in the future. Once you are able to define who your targeted readers are, creating content become will much easier. Your audience will provide inspiration for new post topics and you will no longer spend your days pondering “What should I be writing in my blog?” You’ll find also that it makes you focus specifically on the the people that are most likely to want or need your service/product. Aren’t these the type of readers you want to reach out to? (Hint: yes.)

Who that group is will vary from business to business. A good exercise to start with is to grab a piece of paper and writing down the demographics that you think your target audience is made up of. Where do they live? How old are they?  What is their income status? Start developing a general profile. It doesn’t have to be super specific, just something that allows you to get into your readers brains and understanding  their needs and problems. Your blog should solve some of those. Once you understand your customers’ needs, you can find your niche. After your blog has an audience and a focus, the rest will follow.

Wondering what our audience snapshot looks like?

  • Our intended audience is small business owners and solopreneurs
  • The age range is late 30’s – late 60’s
  • Most are unfamiliar with technology or are just stepping past a website they built some time ago
  • Most are based in Colorado, but we have clients and also readers in many other states
  • Our audience comes to the Marketing Java blog to find easy-to-understand content centered around social media, marketing, and small businesses
  • They are looking for content that has value and relevance to their business
  • They are busy, wear many hats, so don’t have time to read lengthy posts
  • We write for them, not necessarily the industry professionals we work with

See! Quick and simple, but immediately, this helps us focus in on what type of content we should be filling our blog with. The ultimate goal is to be providing consistent and quality content for your readers.  And remember, your blog’s audience and niche will grow and change with your company. If you find your blog lacking from what it used to be, it may be time to stop what you’re doing and redefine your audience. Not sure where to start? Contact us!
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One thought on “Stop! It’s Time to Define Your Blog’s Audience

  • Lars Koch

    We are just getting ready to set up our blog, so this article is going to help us a lot. We didn’t really know how our blog would ever be interesting to the world. We’re a restaurant supply house and had some inkling a blog would be a good idea (seo and such, so we’re told), but your short list will really help us narrow things down. Hopefully our blog starts to appeal to some readers, but I think first we need to get writing 🙂


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