Do you need social media branding?

In 2018, the number of Facebook users in the United States is expected to reach 207.36 million. That’s almost two thirds of the entire population of the country! Your customers expect to be able to reach you and get a response quickly – whether it’s via your website contact form, or a Facebook message, Twitter DM, or Instagram comment. In order to be successful and maintain a positive customer service experience for your business, you need to be where your customers are – and most of them are on social media! But the big question is; which social media platforms are YOUR prospective customers and clients on? You can find out how to improve the quality of your social media branding with one quick call to Marketing Java!

Speak to a Social Media Strategist First

Should you be on LinkedIn? Twitter? How often do you need to post of Instagram and what should you post there? How come no one is seeing your Facebook posts? Before you sign a contract for social media marketing services, you need to speak to a social media strategist who will ask questions about your goals, and then recommend the best approach for reaching them. Maintaining several social media sites can be a real challenge; ask an expert to help you develop the best social media strategy plan and then see how much it will cost to execute that plan. With Marketing Java, combining social media and business is more affordable than you think!

Social Media Options

Get a Free Social Media Check-Up

What are clients seeing when they look for you on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn? What social media channels are the best for your company to be found on? Marketing Java would love to give you a free social media check-up – no strings attached! We’ll let you know what channels you need to be on to talk to your clients, if your images are sized properly, what items are showing up that may be incorrect, how your overall posts are doing, and how users likely perceive your business online.

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Social Media Creation

If your business is just getting started, or you’re just now wanting to get more engaged with your customers, Marketing Java can help. We will setup any and all social media pages you need with beautiful images that match the look and feel of your brand. We also provide thorough training complete with documentation and personalized walk-throughs you can always refer back to if you ever need help.

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Managing your Social Networks

Between running your business and the 30 other hats you wear, you probably don’t have time to produce a post per week, let alone a post per day. Marketing Java is happy to work with you to create social posts for you in the tone and design you desire. All posts are crafted to appeal to your audience, and while we will recommend the optimal posting frequency, we can also post as often or as little as you like.

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Where should you be running ads?

We believe the two most important places for small businesses to put their online advertising dollars toward are typically Facebook and Yelp. Of course, each business and each of their potential audiences are different, and we keep that in mind when recommending an advertising plan. Marketing Java offers professional ad campaigns for a variety of social and online networks, including Google, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. Check out our Visibility options for information on Marketing Java’s approach to making your business more visible through online advertising.


Love them or hate them, Facebook advertising is one of the most effective ways ever imagined to engage with a specific (and we mean specific) audience. Nothing compares with its ability to keep in touch with your current customers, or find new ones who have expressed interest in what you do, but the quality of your ad content makes or breaks your campaign on Facebook. Let Marketing Java design your next Facebook ad campaign and avoid the pitfalls of “boosting” posts that Facebook tells you are performing well but have no real value to your bottom line.


Yelp Advertising is frustrating in the same way Yelp listings are – Yelp doesn’t offer many opportunities for you to test the reach and results unless you pony up and sign a contract. We’re not fans in that sense, but we see the sense in choosing the right advertising platform for your business and cashing in on new customers when you do. Call us today and let us walk you through your options so you can choose the advertising platforms that align with your goals and audience.

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Get Social Media Marketing Services from Boulder’s Best Digital Marketing Agency!

If you don’t have time to post content, we can do it for you. If you want to develop a robust social media campaign across multiple platforms and study data and results, we can make that happen! Using social media for business can be time consuming and it’s all to easy to get it wrong. Let us present a social media proposal to you – there’s no charge for the proposal and we will work within your budget.