Social Media and the Unwilling Business Owner

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Moy Burn Ice Dog Many of our readers are already knee-deep in the use of technology and social media tools; they thirst for it, see it making their life and work easier and have a hard time understanding how they could do with it. Then, we have readers and even clients that are what we term “techno-phobic”; they know they need social media to keep up and remain relevant, but seem to be brought to it kicking and screaming. They have a love-hate relationship with it and often say, “It’s just not my thing, so I’m not going to use it.” This thinking reminds me of what it must have been like when computers first came on to the scene with small businesses.

It’s pretty natural to be a bit nervous when new things come our way. Many resist learning it, accepting and just coming to terms with it. Part of it is fear of the unknown, concern about the time it might take, and part of it is a desire to keep things in the past, where things seemed more simple. The fact is it wasn’t really wasn’t it more simple then, it just seemed so because it’s what you knew, it’s what you were taught and it served you just fine for quite awhile.

Fact: We are all novices at everything the first time we are learning it.  Not only that, we’re also pretty inefficient when we’re learning something new. This is no difference with technology and certainly no difference when you begin using social media applications. Do things get confusing? Sure. Did things get confusing before technology? Of course. But that’s not the reason for this post. The reason for this post is simple: I’m challenging you. Instead of digging your heels in and resisting, why not explore a little bit? Take a look at your industry and see what others are doing and not doing. Notice if your competitors are starting to use social media on their websites, ads, and mailings. If they are, you really should be too. If they’re not, maybe you can get a jump on them. Either way, be sure of this: social media is here to stay. Oh, and we can help.

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