Small Business Saturday 2015: Infographic and More

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November 28th marks the 2015 edition of Small Business Saturday, and with each year it’s been conducted (it’s been going on since 2010!), a little more momentum is created, both the day of, and all the days that follow.

Wondering if the ShopSmall movement is making an impact?

Here are some numbers to chew on:

So now that you know some of the stats…

What Are Some Ways Consumers Can Support the ShopSmall Movement?

Shopping and encouraging others to shop local and shop small is one of the simplest ways to support the movement. Keeping your dollars in your local economy means you’re essentially voting with your money, and it makes a statement, as well as an impact.

Other ways are not even of a monetary nature and speak more toward the supporting in both altruistic and socially-conscious ways. Simply put, it’s by actions, so we assembled an infographic to help with the heavy-lifting:

Support #ShopSmall

What Are Some Ways for Businesses to Get Involved?

The Small Business Administration has put together a super handy list of things you can do. Of course, you can visit the official website and download everything from ideas to materials you can print out and use to help promote the day and even get some momentum in your own community. Some businesses might not have the benefit of getting the merch that they supply to Neighborhood Champions, but you’re not out of luck by any means. There’s a way for you to include your business as one that is supporting the movement, plus…

Don’t have time to scour the Small Business Saturday site?

We’ve compiled some of the goodies in zip files on our site, to save you a couple steps.* To get all the details on these great ideas, a visit to their site will still be the best way to learn how these events have been done by others, or the concepts behind them. Communities across the country have held really creative and inspirational Small Business Saturday initiatives, and if they can do it, so can you!

Following are links to some specific things the SBS folks and the small business community have come up with, and we’ve included a few here on our site to save you a couple steps (and you agree to their disclaimer by downloading these!):

Make Yours the Best Small Business Saturday Yet!

From everyone here at Marketing Java, we hope your small business has a record-breaking Small Business Saturday, and we’d love to hear about the ideas you created or used in your community. While ShopSmall seems to be an annual initiative, we truly wish for it to be something consumers embrace all year long. Shopping and supporting local business isn’t just great for the economy, it’s a way to really build community and connect people, including entrepreneurs to one another. Make sure you’re promoting the idea not just for your business, but for others in your vicinity, as you all win when people shop where they live. Happy #shopsmall to you!

*Keep in mind that by downloading and/or using these things, you agree to the terms set forth by the SBS folks! In their words: “By downloading these materials, you agree that American Express is granting you a limited right to use these materials on an “AS IS” basis. We may revoke your right to use these materials if you alter them in any way (except in the case of templates where certain alterations are specifically intended), or use them inappropriately, in a manner inconsistent with the values of American Express or the Shop Small® Movement, or contrary to the direction from American Express.”

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