Share-Worthy Shindigs: How to Create Content from Events

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A recent article on ProBlogger discussed the power of events to create meaningful, usable content. It said, “Events are great opportunities to generate leads and close deals. However, if you think of them purely as sales-focused events, you could be missing out on blog and video content that could strengthen your brand and help your company grow.” Here are some of the tips the article provided on getting the most from events:

Discover Customer Challenges

The most successful businesses are those that provide solutions to everyday problems. Discovering what challenges your target market faces will help you better serve those individuals and provide solutions. Utilize your next event opportunity to gain insight by asking attendees about the issues that they’re currently facing.

Find Out Their Favorites

For content marketers, it’s especially useful to know what types of content your audience is attracted to. At your next tradeshow or conference, ask people a few questions to find out where your users and viewers currently like to hang out online. Looking at examples of the stuff that gets them going will help you produce content that is more appealing and meaningful to them.

Ideas for Content Generation at Events

  • A photo’s worth a thousand words – once you own a good set of high-quality images from an event, you can use them again and again – in company literature, on your website, on social media, etc.
  • Incentivize – provide yummy prizes for audience participation. If a person answers a few simple questions, they get entered to win some goodies. It’s that easy!
  • Live blog or Tweet the events of the day as it unfolds using the official event hashtag, offering key tips to those who couldn’t make it
  • Publish a round-up post of key takeaways from the event and ask the organizers to promote it via social media
  • Make your blog posts more visual and interactive by embedding Tweets, Instagram images and Facebook posts from the event

Events are so much fun and can also be a great source of year-round content for your business. Which of these tips will you use at your next shindig? Do you have any practices that help you get the most from events? Share in the comments below!


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