Brand Development


Ivy Rose is a boutique full of ever changing on-trend clothing, jewelry and accessories for women of every generation. The brand development for Ivy Rose began with the process of deciding on a logo. The conversation between client and designer is one that continues throughout the entirety of brand development. Back and forth input is super necessary for clear and successful marketing, which is what we do best! After the finalization of logo design, everything else is easy, including our expert website builds.


From discussions about color, patterns, and texture: print material is born. Clothing tags, signage, banners, business cards, even coupons and flyers; these all stem from a simple exchange of which ‘blue’ looks best. In the case of Ivy Rose, we worked closely to figure out where the logo should be featured– on price tags? Check. Throughout social media? Check.


It’s crucial for our clients to understand how important brand upkeep is, and how branding can be included in every aspect of the business. Ivy Rose has been particularly conscientious about its brand and continues to thrive. Here are some samples of the way Ivy Rose has incorporated the established brand into the most minor, but important details.