Pinterest… Fleeting Trend or Revolutionary Marketing Vehicle?

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Has anyone else been caught off guard by the speed in which Pinterest has caught fire and spread throughout our social media realm? The power to create your own virtual bulletin board has quite honestly taken the world by storm. Well, okay, maybe not the entire world… but most definitely the interwebs. The funny thing about the newcomer is that while many (and by many I mean 10.4 million users) of us have fallen completely in love with the concept, very few can even accurately describe the concept of the site to those stragglers who have yet to join in on all of the pinning fun. Typical responses when asked what the buzz is all about commonly sound something like, “It’s so cool, there’s a bunch of random pictures and quotes and stuff and you can “pin” them to various bulletin boards that you create, like DIY projects, cute and fuzzy animals, clothes I wish I owned and ideas for my wedding!” The fact that this particular visual curator is potentially as close to getting married as Facebook is to going under seems to be only a small detail. The fact of the matter is that people are intrigued. And more times than not, that intrigue turns to a self-proclaimed addiction after taking for only one quick test drive.

What will be the longevity of the visually appealing platform is yet to be seen, but the real question, and one that some have already started to attempt to answer, is how brands can leverage the momentum of Pinterest. According to those over at TechCrunch, Lowe’s has already taken full advantage of the popularity, creating various boards as a means of segmenting their followers in ways relevant to their business. Seems brilliant right? Pinterest has the ability to offer brands near constant advertising disguised as visually appealing images. The majority of society tends to “tune out” overly aggressive messaging, especially if it is some sort of dialogue that feels as if they are simply being talked AT, rather than TO. With Pinterest, brands have the ability to generate interest and buzz, all while letting the audience be the ones in the driver’s seat. For some reason, visuals seem to create more of an emotional connection; the messaging can be more powerful in an image rather than simply reading a statement or a statistic.

Somehow, Pinterest has figured out a way to motivate, engage, and most importantly inspire its users. Isn’t that the ultimate goal for most brands out there?

Ponder that one for a while the next time you wake up groggy and find yourself saying “I really should have stopped pinning last night at a reasonable hour. Tonight will be different.”

Ten bucks says you wake up the following morning needing yet another double espresso.

Yeah. It’s THAT addicting. Trust.

Oh, and a cautionary note: There have been some discussions concerning copyright infringement, as it relates to the pinning of photographs andes and other works of art. Read up a bit on this issue so you keep yourself (or your brand) out of hot water. Photo credit KentBrew.