Meet Your Online Marketing Dream Team

Marketing Java has been around for more than 15 years. We have an excellent, purpose driven team of professionals who love online marketing and contribute the quality components that any digital marketing campaign needs to succeed.

Web Development & Social Media

About Courtney

We lovingly call Courtney the Queen of Content. She’s very, very good at managing social media campaigns, and as far as we can tell, even the internet obeys her! Courtney is driven to be the best at everything she does. From humble beginnings designing manuals in Microsoft Word, to designing ads (both print and digital), copy editing, maintaining several websites and social networks, there is nothing that she can’t accomplish.

Courtney holds a Bachelor of Science in Travel Industry Management with a focus in Hospitality from the University of Hawaii at Mānoa and has worn a variety of hats (usually simultaneously!) since graduating, including assisting in running a 30,000 person event, webmaster, social media marketer, and content curator.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

About Ashley

Ashley Nicholson has been a writer all her life, from poetry in kindergarten to writing websites and blogs today. She has written about many subjects across time, but her favorites are always involve making a new product out of a list of ideas and an outline. She graduated with honors from Kennesaw State University with a BA in Literature, and Kingston University in London with an MA in Creative Writing and editing. While studying, she had her work published, ran the school’s creative blog, and helped put together magazines for print.

Today she has more technical training to compliment the creative side. She has been working in SEO since 2013, but became a fully fledged SEO writer in 2016. Since then, she has worked on creating SEO rich content for blogs, social media, and web pages. She has certifications from MOZ, Google, and Yoast in SEO and Analytics.

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Ad Campaigns

About Julia

Julia has a strong passion for business and a work ethic to match. With 8 years of experience in SEO and Social Media Marketing, she loves working with small businesses to help them achieve their Local SEO, Organic SEO, Google Ad and Social Media Marketing goals. From creating content for business to post on their social media posts, optimizing small business websites for Local and Organic SEO and developing Google Ads, she loves anything and everything digital marketing! Julia has always said that the best part about digital marketing is that it is ever-changing and each business has a different approach; which makes it a continuous challenge she loves to tackle.

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Monetized Webinars and Instructional Design

About Timeri

With a Master’s Degree in Instructional Design and Adult Training, Timeri has designed and delivered adult learning experiences for a variety of organizations including The West Metro Chamber of Commerce, Traxion LLC, Art Business Success, The Davis Phinney Foundation, The Colorado School of Mines, Inquiry By Design, Arrupe Jesuit High School, and Denver Public Schools.

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Web & Graphic Design

About Kendra

Kendra has been an artist for as long as she can remember. Her father is a graphic designer with over twenty years of experience, so she grew up with graphic design. One might say it’s in her blood! While her style has grown from drawing stick figures to modern logo design, she has always found art and design to be a prevalent force in her life. The varying perspectives she brings to web graphic design stem from her additional passion for photography, illustration, and sculpture and are translated into her design work. She has an equal appreciation for minimalism and chaos, and the differing degrees of simplicity and complexity provide a framework for her designs. Her desire to create meaningful design fuels her inspiration and passion for graphic design services as a whole (and is why we think she produces the best logo design work ever!).

Kendra specializes in logos, typographical treatments, hand-lettering, editorial and book design, infographics, web design, and freelance photography. She currently lives in California with her husband, dog, and tortoise. See samples of Kendra’s work on her portfolio page.

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Video & Photography

About Will

For organizations and individuals with a story to tell, Will has the mojo to tease out your story, refine it, and capture it in video and stills. Expert in all aspects of photography and cinematography, Will has photographed celebrities, factory floors, fashion models, CEOs, jewelry, vacuum cleaners, room sets, Cannabis grow houses, you name it. He’s built, staffed, and led studios creating thousands of images per month. He also offers consulting regarding Digital Asset Management (DAM), color management, and workflow systems.

Will assisted and freelanced in New York then worked as QVC’s Managing Photographer for twenty one years. Will’s photo credits include Joan Rivers, Richard Simmons, Lori Greiner, and a slew of places and things. A big part of the job was finding a happy medium between diverse consumer brands and the QVC brand and making great images that lived in that sweet spot.

Will enjoys storytelling, people watching, and high tech toys, the larger and noisier the better. His influences come from fashion, fine art, and documentary. Will’s visual touchstones include Irving Penn, Diane Arbus, Robert Frank, Werner Herzog, and William Eggleston. In his downtime he can be found cycling, skiing, hiking, and listening to music.

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Client Experience Director

About KC

KC holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management from the University of Hawaii at Manoa and has pursued a variety of professional development opportunities during her career as an entrepreneur, webmaster, social media marketer, and content curator.

She became an AdWords Certified Partner (Google) in 2016, Inbound Certified in 2014 (HubSpot), completed Digital Analytics Fundamentals training in 2013 (Google), and O’Reilly In-Practice Social Media Training in 2008. Because language and persuasion fascinate her, she is also an ACHE Certified Hypnotherapist (it’s best if you never look her in the eye) and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner. KC lives in Colorado with her husband, two spoiled cats, an aquatic turtle, and a German Shepard she loves way too much.

Bloggers & SEO Writers

Blogging is also a team sport at Marketing Java. Since our clients have us ghost-write for them, it’s not polite to give you their blog addresses. We divide blogging and SEO writing responsibilities depending on the content area and tone required for the article or web page. We specialize in finding on budget SEO solutions for a broad spectrum of content types. Current customers include a memory care facility, a small business attorney, and an electronics manufacturer to name a few. If you need online visibility in a Google Optimized world, Marketing Java has the team you want optimizing your content today.

We Take SEO Blogging Seriously

All members of the Marketing Java blog team are expected to develop and utilize a tested list of keyword phrases, incorporate title tag content into body copy, and utilize high value external links in their posts. All in all, we follow a long list (21 items in all!) of SEO blogging rules to produce high value blog content. This means our blogs are better than the $15 blog-mill versions you can buy online because they are in keeping with your website’s current content and the phrases you have already identified as being relevant to people who are searching for your products or services. Not sure if your website really knows who it’s looking for? That’s okay – we will test your content before we recommend keyword phrases for your blogs. If the testing doesn’t come back with content that is working for you, we can teach you how to rethink your current website content (or do it for you!) before we start blogging on your behalf.

Why the Heck Does Blogging Matter So Much?

We could write a book about that! We can answer that question best with a story. A friend had a favorite aunt who always ended almost every story she told with the same phrase; “You never know!” Even as she began to suffer from dementia, and sometimes would forget what she was talking about in the middle of a story, she would still conclude with that phrase; “You never know!” Now that she has passed, family and friends will look at each other and repeat that phrase. Anytime they hear it, they are immediately reminded of Aunt Sis. Hearing that phrase makes them think of her, and always with a smile.

When you blog, and are consistent with your keyword phrases (such as “You never know!”), the search engines will start to recognize what your content is all about and trust that you are (still) telling the same story. When they trust that your content is consistent, and clearly directed at a specific audience, they are more likely to share your website in a Search Engine Return Page (SERP) than someone who says their business is about kittens, but consistently blogs about dogs.

This is just one piece in a large puzzle that is changing all of the time – nevertheless, content is one of the most important pieces of the puzzle and blog posts are content. When you start blogging on your site, you are telling another story for the search engines to read, compare to the rest of your content, and “rank” you with. Will your site ever be number one in a search return? It depends on what search phrases you are competing for, and how fierce the competition is, among other things. Or, as Aunt Sis would say, “You never know!” Contact us for writing samples from our team!