Small Business Basics: No Time for Blogging? Let’s See About That!

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Time ManagementIt’s no secret that blogging is a big deal. It’s a great way to drive traffic to your website, provide value to your customers and build rapport in your field. But many people feel bogged down by blogging and think that they don’t have enough time to tackle the task. So today, I want to offer some tips on how you can make blogging easier for yourself and make it part of your routine. Here goes:

Write On Schedule

Just as with anything else, it’s important to schedule your day and prioritize your to-dos. Carve out time to focus solely on writing blog posts and stick to it. Some people like to write a post a week, based on what they’re feeling inspired by or passionate about that day. Others like to set aside a larger chunk of time and crank out a few posts at a time. Go with the flow and set a schedule that works with your groove.

DeathtoStock_Medium9Jot Your Thoughts

One of the keys to blogging consistently is having a well of ideas that you can pull from to write about. When you’re busy getting other work done, jot down subject ideas that come to mind. It’s also good to have a place on your computer where you store tidbits that inspire you, such as articles or other blogs. That way, when you sit down to write, you have plenty of ideas at your fingertips.

Find a Format

As with any repetitive tasks, it’s best to find a template or format that works well and follow it every time you do the task. Using a basic structure for your blog posts will help you be efficient and focus more energy on the content you’re creating. Go to your favorite blog sites and read through a few posts. You’ll notice that the same key elements carry over in each post. Use other blogs as a guideline for formatting and create a writing template, so you can just fill in each section as you write your posts.

As we’ve talked about before, your blog plays a big role in where your website ranks in search engine results. Blogging benefits your business and can also be a great creative outlet for you. With a little planning, even the busiest person can carve out time for blogging. So, what are you waiting for?