Marketing Makeover: A Journey of 9

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Finally, a makeover that doesn’t involve a new wardrobe or some silly popularity contest. Nine businesses are being provided $5000 of marketing services, plus a year of expert counseling and professional guidance to take their business from the shadows to the spotlight.  Project Rev has been put into place by Deluxe (you know, the check company?) and you visit their website to get the entire rundown on this pretty cool challenge. Follow along as these companies go through a year-long transformation and read more about the project here. It appears that the public will get to follow along as the businesses are blogging about the changes and impact this project is having on their business. If you sit and consider these stories, make sure to note some of their challenges, as they just might give you some ideas to help your own business.

Of course, you can’t mention this stuff without thinking of your business, right? So what would you change about your business if you could?

2 thoughts on “Marketing Makeover: A Journey of 9

  • Lisa Brone

    Wish I would have known about this contest so I could have applied. Wow! $5000 could have gone a long way marketing my practice. I have really learned how to stretch a dollar over the last couple of years.
    BTW, I have never seen a cuter selection of widgets in one place before. I have no idea what most of them are for, but they’re cute nonetheless.

    • Deb Kolaras

      First, thanks for visiting and enjoying the eye candy “widgets”. And second, I KNOW! What small business couldn’t use that money to kick things into gear?! I think reading about the journey, though, will allow all of us to glean just a little more wisdom to apply in our own businesses, but not suffer the grueling accountability that is most certainly applied when one accepts funds from another. We’ll see 🙂


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