Late Night Reminder: Consumers Vote With Their Slippers

54/365 Moo-ching aroundWith the whole flap over Conan O’Brien and Jay Leno, NBC Television has really provided us another stark reminder: As has always been the case, consumers will tell you when they don’t want what you have to sell – they simply don’t buy. In this case, it’s a comedian that, while fun in his day, has lost his appeal to viewers of today. Moving Leno to Prime Time was the first mistake, (come on, who noticed any substantial difference in the content of that “new” show?) but that really should have been the only mistake.

Consumers weren’t interested. It happens.

And let’s let’s face it, his show is what you’d turn on when you were done with your day, not starting it out.

But for some reason, the thinking now is to move him later, AND push the Conan O’Brien show even later still? Seriously, WHY? Destroy two shows and two timeslots simultaneously- that’s the plan? Nice, stone…er…move.

I cannot help but believe the same cronyism that has plagued the auto industry is likewise hard at work in the television industry.

Small business owners, take note: when your customers aren’t buying something you’re selling, don’t start force-feeding or playing the ole switcheroo with the stuff they wouldn’t eat before.  Come up with something tasty, fabulous and memorable. Better yet, let them vote on it.

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3 thoughts on “Late Night Reminder: Consumers Vote With Their Slippers

  • Hilary

    Great post, Deb. I don’t understand the network’s thinking on this one.

  • Thomas Gilmore

    Admittedly, I like Jay and still watch him every once in awhile. I might disagree that he’s washed up, but the network handled this thing all wrong. It’s not just like the auto industry screwups, but like a lot of American business screwups. I guess we’re just not learning yet. Thanks for the post.

  • Lisa Mathews

    Never thought about it, but there is a strange resemblance to the auto industry. Good catch. And long live Conan!


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