Is Your Facebook Page M.I.A. from Your Fans? Fix That.

It seems that just when you seem to be getting the hang of things with your Facebook Page, they up and switch stuff around, making things a little harder, while at the same time, your small business, well, just a little more invisible. It’s reported that with most recent changes, unless you’re paying money to Facebook, your Page is only showing up in the newsfeed of between 5-20% of your fans. That’s not a lot of views and if you’re using Facebook almost or nearly exclusively as your social platform, well, you’re not likely to hit your marketing goals.

First things first, and really, just don’t forget this: Facebook is free to use, but it costs money to keep it running. I know many are vilifying Facebook for their algorithmic changes and their emphasis on Edgerank, but they do need to make a profit to please shareholders and adequately maintain such a popular product. Facebook has bills, just like any business. They have salaries to pay, lights to keep on, yada, yada, yada. And they make their money by selling things – mainly real estate. I’m not talking about the ranch-style house with the swimming pool in the backyard. I’m talking about “space” in their place. You visit, your friends visit, your customers visit, and that’s the way Facebook is designed.

Make no mistake, they want people to come there in droves, but one thing they *really* want? People to stay there. They want consumers to spend time clicking around, liking stuff, visiting this page or that page, commenting, sharing, blabbing, and oh yes, they want to make it a richer experience. Why? So you’ll stay there. So maybe you’ll use their place to get all your info, laughs and birthday greetings.

Now, how can they entice you to stay there? By you doing a little cataloging of your own so that they present you with the information you most want to see.
Your profile helps a little bit, but what else?

interest lists on facebook

That’s where “Interest Lists” come in to play.
You may have noticed you’re not seeing some of your favorite people or even brands any more, or very infrequently. This is by design, too. So how can you change this and make sure you’ll see the things you want to see more frequently? There are two ways: One, the brands you follow can spend money on buying that real estate, or two, by you taking the time to create some Interest Lists.

How, you ask? See the pic to the left, but it goes like this: Mouse over the name of a brand you follow on Facebook, either on your newsfeed or on their Page. Guide your mouse slowly from there to the “Liked” button, and hold for a second, and then the dropdown for creating/maintaining lists will open. Either add them to a list you’ve curated, or create a new one, setting it the way you want , plus make sure you have “Show in News Feed” checked. That’s it. You’ve now created your own Interest List that almost equates to a magazine of cataloged content. You’ll start seeing more of what you want to see, and even though It’s sort of a pain, let’s face it: Facebook’s “intuition” is only as good as the information you feed it 🙂

Now that you have this figured out, make sure to add Marketing Java to a list; we try to provide the most up-to-the-minute marketing and social media information daily. And we like coffee. Lots of it.


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