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Does this beer make me look fat?

Does this beer make me look fat?

This morning I was reading an article about a couple of University of Colorado at Boulder graduates who invented a contraption called the, “Booze Belly.” At first glance, it seemed like a dorky toy for frat boys and tailgaters, but what occurred to me (and likely them) is what a cross-section of customers they could really reach. Imagine how many applications something this simple could have and not only that, what types of things could be developed from this idea? Kids with “Juice Bellies”, runners with “Water Bellies”, and so on. What has been made isn’t a revolutionary idea, but it’s one that has taken things a couple steps further than the ordinary “Camel Back” you see hikers running around with. It’s also less conspicuous and than the traditional flask or the not so traditional refillable binoculars. (google it, they exist.)

When a business brings an idea from concept to production, a key to it’s longevity is to see beyond the first move and look to the next move. These entreprenuers hopefully have done that, and it’s a lesson for you, too.

How flexible is your product or service? Can you adapt it to fit a variety of needs? If you answered “No”, it’s time to go back to the drawing board.

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