How to Start Your Own Blog

{205} Blogging again A blog can be a great way to delve into social media or it can be a the centerpiece to an established social media campaign. It is a powerful tool that allows you to connect with customers, showcase your expertise, increase visits to your site, and create a friendly persona for your company.  You can add photos, how-to videos, whatever! The opportunities are endless. Plus blogs are easy to update, as it’s not abnormal for blogs to have multiple contributors posting throughout the week. More so than anything, blogs are interactive, allowing you to solicit feedback from customers and engage them in conversation. Great, right?! But now you’re probably wondering where to start.

First thing’s first. You need to select hosting, a domain name, and a blogging software platform. Our platform of choice is  WordPress, but there are many options out there that might suit your needs. What you use to create your blog isn’t necessarily the important part. Rather, you should make always make sure you self-host your blog. What does this mean? It means paying an annual fee to a service for hosting your blog. By doing this, you control your domain and the content, plus get the benefit of the traffic to your site.

So now you have your blog hosted on your website and you’re ready to roll:

1. Decide what your purpose is and set some goals: Is it going to serve as the company’s main website? Are you looking to interact with customers? It is vital to decide what the end goal is, otherwise your blog will come across as disorganized. What topics should it contain? Will you share common customer issues and give ideas for resolving them? Let whatever your goal is influence your content and voice.  If you will have multiple authors, make sure you each discuss what needs to be similar across the posts (such as 1st or 3rd person voice, humor or not).

2. Make it look good:  No one really wants to look at a blog that is a) ugly, or b) looks like everyone else’s. Your blog should be customized so that it is inline with your brand.

3. Create a plan:  How often are you going to update your blog? Remember, you’re not really engaging customers if you’re only going to post once a month. If you want a devoted readership, you’re going to have to work for it a little bit by frequently contributing posts to keep them interested. What categories are you going to be posting? (For example, social media, marketing, coaching, etc.) This should be aligned with your purpose and goals.

4. Start posting!:  Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Everyone has to start somewhere and like everything else, practice makes perfect. Try different things out when posting content. See what works and what doesn’t. Just remember to keep it relevant and personal. You should be talking to your readers!

 Still a little bit unsure of how to get started? Contact us and we’ll get you blogging away in no time!

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    That’s a really helpful post. Short and precised explaining everything.

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      Thanks a bunch and appreciate the feedback 🙂


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