How Much Should I be Spending on Ads a Day?

When your business is struggling to achieve success or your competitors are getting the better of you in the market, then you will be desperately looking for a way to get things going again. Digital advertising has always been a major player when it comes to getting your business to the people. When it comes to advertising, there are always so many questions circling your mind, like:

  • What percentage of total digital marketing budget should be used for Social media advertisements?
  • What Should I Spend on Social Media Ads?

You should always start with a test budget to see how your campaign will work, digital advertising can be tricky and it requires careful tracking to get the best results.

Your test budget could be anything around the cost for 100-150 clicks per keyword. For example: If you are starting with 30 keywords with a cost of $2 a click, then considering you will be targeting 150 clicks, your budget will be 30*2*150= $3000.

How Should I Track the Results of my Social Media Ads Campaign?

After you have kick-started the campaign, it’s time to sit back and track the results. After a few days by analyzing the results, you will get to know the following:

  • Return of Investment
  • Cost-Per-Click
  • Earning-Per-Click
  • Conversion Rate

After carefully analyzing the results, you will know which keywords are doing good and which aren’t. If you are satisfied with the results, then you can increase the budget.

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In digital advertising, spending more money doesn’t always mean getting better results. It depends on various other factors. If you are getting a good conversion rate or your EPC (Earning-Per-Click) is good then you can increase the budget but there will always be a saturation point. So you must decide your budget carefully. You can always contact Marketing Java for any search engine advertising or digital advertising related needs. Marketing Java is experts in providing digital marketing services for small business in Boulder and nationwide. Contact Marketing Java today and get a quote with detailed campaign ideas.

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