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Graphic Design & Visuals

Web Graphic Design Requires Experience

We know you need a logo that works well online and in all your print materials, so we make sure your logo can accommodate a variety of the formats. We understand brand building and are here to make sure your logo, brand badge, images, and graphics look as good on LinkedIn or Instagram as they do on your website, business cards, and brochures! We do great print work when you need it, but we specialize in logos that establish your brand and give direction to any other marketing work you do. If you already have a logo, great! We will work to help you create a brand badge when needed, and make sure any images or icons used on your site work across your social media platforms and more!

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The Best Logo Design Includes Great Listening Skills

If the artist you work with doesn’t have a feel for your business, your aspirations, your clients, and your industry, you won’t get the best logo design for your needs. We ask the right questions to insure you get the best logo design, and then we listen.

Custom Logo Development, Emblem Design, and Logo Redesign

There are logo designs that just won’t work on the web. Maybe they look great on your website, but how do they fit into a square layout? Sometimes, your logo has to fill space it wasn’t designed to fill. What then? Marketing Java understands logo and web graphic design, so the artwork you end up with is both aesthetic and functional. Some of the ways we can help:

  • logo development
  • logo redesign
  • emblem design
  • badge or icon design
  • custom graphic logo
  • typographical logo

Whatever you have in mind, a creative logo design, simple logo design, modern logo design, we understand how the artwork works on the web, and will make sure your print ready artwork works wherever you need it!

Brand Photography that Rocks

If your business is in the Denver Metro area, we can help with brand photography. If not, we can make recommendations for finding great photographers in your area. Some of the areas Will specialize in include:

  • product image
  • building photography
  • medical photography
  • industrial photography
  • automotive photography
  • brand photography
  • advertising photography
  • product shoot
  • corporate headshots

You can see Will’s portfolio and learn more about his work on his portfolio page.

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Commercial Video Services with Human Appeal

Photography and videography can go horribly wrong, costing a bundle and not yielding results. You need someone with skill, talent, experience, and a portfolio that proves it!

Do You Even Need Videography Services?

We think so, but you can decide if any of these uses can help propel your brand ahead of the competition.

Video Banner Marketing Your Unique Offer

A homepage banner featuring an explainer video is one of the best ways to quickly differentiate yourself from the competition. Modern web design provides many opportunities to tell your story effectively. Think of video as your 10 second pitch; what can you say to trade booth or website visitors to make them realize your product or service is exactly what they need?! Video does this a thousand times better than any other media.

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Landing Pages

Think about the last time you took the time to read sales material – blah blah blah! People are more likely to watch a video than read the details. If you use a video on a landing page, it HAS to be SHORT and SWEET – and you should always AB test your landing pages to make sure you’ve hit that sweet spot, but if you do it right, nothing closes the deal better than video!

Video Advertising on YouTube

You might have seen them, and even hated them, but if you watch YouTube, you know about the ads that come before the video you want to see. The are called pre-roll ads, and they work! Plus, they are affordable to run once your video content is ready. The best part is, YouTube can help you target very specific audiences with your brand’s message. Ask us for a quote on the video content and the ad management – we think you will be pleasantly surprised!

Video Sales Presentations

Your sales team can be the best resource on the planet for video content that works! Imagine being able to capture what they do to win sales in a short video that your prospects can watch online or as a part of their presentation? A dynamic pitch, done right on video can extend the reach of your sales team exponentially. Let’s get started today!

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Email Newsletter Video Services

Email newsletters are all about engagement – what is more engaging than a video! We can help you produce affordable video content for your email campaigns and even report on the interest the video generated. Think about what you need to make happen when members of your mailing list open that email – can you be more effective with video? We think so! Let’s talk about options, pricing, and the results you want.

More Google Love Creates Video Production Value

Google loves video! So much so, they bought YouTube a few years back. If you have great video content that matches a query on Google, your video will be displayed before traditional web content. Let Marketing Java take a look at any video you have uploaded to YouTube and make sure you’ve followed the SEO rules required to rank well on Google’s Search Engine Return Page. If you don’t know what people are ACTUALLY typing in when they search, then your SEO isn’t right. We are happy to offer a free analysis of your titles, meta tags, and content description, just ask!

Social Media Video Editing

Yup, we hate the ads, too! But we’ve all bought something from a social media platform when the offer matched our needs or interests. Carefully edited explainer videos for social media content or ads can be one one of the most effective ways to reach a targeted audiences, especially when you are retargeting people who have seen your content or visited your website before. Retargeting is only available when you advertise, but its effectiveness makes it worth the money. When it comes to social posts and social ads, video is king!

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