Good Vibrations: Two Cause-Marketing Tools

Everyone and their mom has beat a path down the social media path, and for what it’s worth, we’re still in the process of iHobo screengrab - please donatelaying the groundwork. This medium’s mortar has not even dried, and new applications are being built every day to help tap into the minds, hearts and pocketbooks of people all over the world.  Cause-marketers are seeing these spaces as very useful tools for getting their message out and garnering attention for their projects.  Entry is simple and the tools are easy enough to manage, so the notion is getting funds into the piggy bank can be made easier, too.

Fight With Tools
Some companies are emerging with applications that make it easier than ever to support causes you believe and want to support monetarily. In the earlier days, it was clever enough to put a link that went to a PayPal account and have people donate, but things are getting more refined, and donors need to avoid being bamboozled. If you’re a nonprofit and interested in upping the credibility of your cause through social media channels, here are two applications you should consider:

  • Made right here in Boulder, Colorado, Giveo has hit the market and once again changed the landscape for fundraising. They offer different platforms for nonprofits and foundations, and let you craft the perfect campaigns for your needs and audience, using crowdsourcing and donation solutions.
  • San Franciso-based Tivix offers plans to help with advocacy and fundraising, highlighting several clever tools and terrific price points for entry.

These are two of the best I’ve seen and I’m sure there are others. Please do you part share them here and spread the word, because it can only help.

Photo credit: Jon Juan

6 thoughts on “Good Vibrations: Two Cause-Marketing Tools

  • Kent Davis

    Thank you so much for sharing these. I’m part of an NP and we really have a hard time finding great tools to use. This was really helpful so thanks again.

    • Deb Kolaras

      Very happy to help, Kent. I’ve shared it with some other Nonprofs I help, and hopefully these types of tools will fall into the hands of many others. Pay it forward 🙂

      • Liza Evanson

        Just found your post and am so happy I did; my ED just put me on a fact-finding mission to locate something better for our fundraising efforts than the PayPal (funny that you mentioned that!) button we use now. Some donors have told us they were reluctant to support us without something more “professional”. Ouch. Particularly like that one of the choices is a Colorado company, as we’re in neighboring Kansas. Thanks for the info.

  • Anna Olesson

    Thanks for this post. I was searching today for applications just like this and you helped summarize things and hopefully shorten my search a bit more. Much appreciated.

    • Deb Kolaras

      Glad to help and let me know if you use them and how either work for you.

  • Sue Macaw

    Very happy to find this post. I’m new to the idea of using a web application for getting donations, so you’ve given me something to think about and take back to my board.

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