Get Seen on Google When You Update Your Website Content Using These 5 Strategies

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Are you showing up on page 10 of google searches for your business name? How often do you update your website content? If you don’t keep your website fresh with new content, google may be penalizing you and moving your website to the bottom of search results!

To help you get seen on Google, here are 5 ideas of where you can get fresh information for your website, most of it, information you already have on hand!

Answer questions your customers are asking Google about your business on your website

Do you have a FAQ page on your website already? Get your thinking cap on and clear your mind. Put yourself in your client’s shoes. As someone needing your services, what are the first ten questions that come to mind? Type up the questions your customers are asking google about your business for your website’s FAQ. Stay away from industry jargon – they probably aren’t asking about vertical integration or synergy, but they may want to know your business hours, the basics of what your business offers better than others, and how to get started with you.

Write out the questions as you think someone would ask google. Then answer them! Test your logic by typing the questions you come up with in the Google search bar. Does Google finish the question for you? Try to use the search phrases people are using on Google. As you talk with more customers and get their questions, add them to the FAQ page. By doing this, you keep the website updates flowing, and you provide google with exactly what they want for their searchers – clear concise answers to questions real people ask.

Offer special deals from your business to visitors on your website

If you already have discounts available to customers, why not post them on your website? It only takes a moment of tweaking to offer special deals from your business to visitors on your website each month. A great example of this is one of our clients, Rubbish Works Denver, that posts monthly deals on their trash hauling service. When a customer clicks the ad, they are taken to the new content for the current special. Their website stays fresh, they maintain traffic to their site, and customers have a positive interaction with their online face which may lead to more reviews and interaction.

Promote your business’s monthly events and get-togethers on your website

Have an event coming up? Don’t keep quiet about it! Promote your business’s monthly events and get-togethers on your website! Hosting an event is a great way to create a two way conversation with your clientele. You can find out what need drove them to your business, and adapt your marketing towards people like them. Not only can you learn more about your customer, but you can provide them with a face they can trust to handle their business, and build brand loyalty. Can’t meet face-to-face? Offer customers a chance to hang out with you online, see a new product unboxed, or chat about an offering. Skype, Google Hangouts, and Facebook live are all good (and free!) options for live streaming.

Hosting events is great for your local community, and will help your website stay fresh when you post updates about them. An update about an event doesn’t just stop at the initial promotion of the event either. Once the event is done, you can post a summary, inspirational quotes, and great photos and videos from the event to let future attendees know why they should not miss the next event. Event postings show new customers the types of things they can get for being a part of your family, and can improve your overall business if you take the time to listen. Plus, the added images and video will score points for your website’s page rank!

Post testimonials from real life clients. Use words from real life people to make your website shine

People are more likely to purchase items from businesses their friends recommend. If you have a glowing review on Yelp, Facebook, or a comment card, why not include it on your website? Post testimonials from real life clients on your website. Make sure to attribute the quotes to their owners, and ask permission if the review isn’t already in a public forum (i.e. a comment card). Your website gets a boost from the regular updates, and you get a chance to toot your own horn and show future prospects what current customers are raving about. Some people may even be encouraged to leave you a sparkling review to get listed.

Create an expert blog on your website for new customers & google searchers

You’re an expert in your field. You know the ins and outs of your business and you know what you wish more people knew. Put that knowledge to good use and create an expert blog on your website for new customers & google searchers. Blogs are probably the most difficult part of this list – and should only be pursued if you have a solid plan (or awesome bloggers to assist you in your message), It’s important to make regular additions to your blog much like a social media network so you don’t look like you’re slacking. Beyond that, blogs should focus around the keywords and phrases you want your business to be found for. Blogs are a powerful tool to spread your message, and move up in google rankings.

Are you ready to get seen on google when you update your website content using these 5 strategies? Marketing Java is here to help get you started with blog options, website updates, social media promotions and more.

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