Entrepreneur: “The Fours Ms of Social Media That All Marketers Should Master”

smmarketingAccording to this Entrepreneur article, there are “Four Ms of Social Media That All Marketers Should Master.” The modern science of social media communication is complex, and each message posted by a company needs to have clout. Once these four Ms are mastered, however, social media marketing becomes a tactical, ingenious art.

The first M is for Monitor. Every marketing professional should have a strategy to keep track of their social media interactions. Today the nature of our society is to process information in the format of a constantly updated newsfeed. Marketers need to reflect this is in the way they post and edit their social media domains. Monitoring needs to take place before, after, and during a campaign.

Manage is the keyword for M number two. Managing a social media campaign is the fundament to its success, as all marketers should know. In managing your social media, you are taking control of your business’s campaign and maintaining its significance to your audience.

Third we have Measure. This M word refers to the more technical tracking of the results of your social media campaign. Through measurement, you’ll be able to know if your campaign is getting the results that you want it to get.

The fourth and final M is Monetize. “The Holy Grail of social media marketing is sales,” the article states. Money equals results. The best social media campaign will produce a notable, profitable result for its business. You need to know what will entice your audience – the success of your campaign will be largely determined by how many sales can be attributed to your social media messages.

Read the full article for more details on each M, and become the master of your social media strategy!

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Photo credit:  CSRwire