Opt In Email is at the Heart of Permission Marketing

We don’t know about you, but we can’t listen to a regular radio station anymore; we might hear a song we like when we’re scanning, but two minutes later, someone is screaming at us about a car sale, or an event we just can’t miss! We’ve opted to plug a phone into the car stereo and listen to music we own, so we don’t have to hear the ads. The radio no longer has permission to yell at us! Permission marketing is the same concept – consumers grant permission to businesses they favor, asking them to please keep in touch. One of their favorite ways to grant permission is to opt into your email list.



“We’re taking flack from our customers for not emailing them about the new release. Can you you help us get a branded email out to our mail list?”

~Actual Request, Real Marketing Java Customer

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Benefits of Email Marketing

First, it’s not for everyone. If you don’t regularly have a great offer to make your current or prospective customers, don’t ask them to join your mail list. If you don’t have a way to funnel a person from “interested” to “sold” don’t ask them for their email address. But if you have something to offer that will WOW a consumer who loves your business or wants to hear more about you, your product, or your offer, then you need a direct email marketing strategy. With a good strategy you can:


  • gain access to database marketing tools using lists you build
  • utilize interactive marketing techniques – click, click!
  • target email to specific segments of your leads list, so they get the right message at the right time
  • improve your retail marketing with click to buy and click to shop offers
  • develop direct response marketing tools that puts you in touch with prospects immediately
  • improve your business to business marketing reach
  • generate traffic for your website and high quality external links

Who Do YOU Want to Get a Promotion Email From?

Think right now about a promotion email you are happy to see in your inbox. A quick poll of Marketing Java staff revealed some quirky interests:

The thing each of these companies have in common is our trust. We trust that the new arrivals at Ivy Rose will be clever, and the new beers at Endo will be delicious! Why not find out who trusts you, and then keep in touch?

Email Marketing Solutions from Marketing Java

We can help you evaluate your list making tools (or help you create them), analyze your current lists, and provide great ideas on how to keep in touch with your customers. If you like, we can even create your email content for you, assembling meaningful offers, stories, and details into interactive email content that will get noticed.



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