Your Business Get Seen Online Quicker with Digital Advertising

You really only have two options to help your business get seen online:

  1. Organic: you can do the research to know what search terms you should be found for and work those terms into your website carefully in order to get organic visibility – meaning your website shows up in the top three to five websites listed by a search engine like Google or ranks well on listing services like Google My Business (aka Google Maps) or Yelp when people search for your products or services. This option takes time, skill, and an ongoing commitment to research, writing, and testing.
  2. Paid: you can pay for digital advertising on search engine advertising platforms and/or social media ad platforms – but you need to make sure you are running your ads on the right platforms and targeting a proven demographic. There’s nothing worse than paying for clicks that don’t generate sales. In addition to knowing how to do the research, you need to know how to construct effective landing pages for your ads, test and monitor ad results, and add code to your website that gives you access to data about your ad visitors.

Ways to Get Seen

Get a Free Online Listing Check-Up

Marketing Java offers a free service that allows you to quickly ascertain if the multiple online listings for your business (many you probably don’t know exist) are hurting or helping your visibility online. Incorrect data can hurt you, even if your customers never use to find you! Take a look now and see how accurate your online listings are.

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Google My Business Online Listing Setup, Clean Up, and Support

Five Star Review Campaigns – Basic

We all want five star reviews from Google, Yelp, everyone! Five star reviews are golden in more than one way. But what can be done to get them? It turns out, lots! If you use Marketing Java’s Basic Five Star Review Campaign service, we will set the campaign up for you and teach you how to run it yourself.

Five Star Review Campaigns – Advanced

Setting up a review campaign for Google, Yelp and other listing services takes time – managing that campaign may take more time than you have. Marketing Java can set up and manage your review campaign for you. We will do the work necessary to get the Five Star Reviews your customers and clients want to give you, plus make sure those reviews are seen on your website.

Weekly Listing Management – DIY

Marketing Java will provide you with a username and password to access your own listing dashboard; login and maintain your listings yourself, all from a single location! Some listing services are static, meaning nothing really needs to change until your details change. But other, very important listing services such as Google My Business (aka Google Maps) expect you to make frequent updates such as holiday hours, special offers, and announcements. Listings need to be managed, and Marketing Java can help you manage them from one location!

Weekly Listing Management – Marketing Java

If you’re a busy business owner who doesn’t always find time to keep up on your online presence, having Marketing Java maintain your business listings for you is ideal! We will ask you about the content you want to share (where needed) and take care of keeping your online listings in tip top shape!

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Rescue and Repair Your Google My Business Listing

Lot of agencies are offering to do this for small business owners – some disreputable marketing agencies are making robocalls to uninformed small business owners claiming they will lose their Google My Business listing if they don’t pay up, or claiming they are calling from Google. If you get a call like this, ignore it. Google My Business is a free service that Google created to make Google Maps work more effectively for their customer – the person searching Google for local business listings. If you need help setting your Google My Business listing up, or managing a listing you have, we are ready to help you today! If you’ve lost control of your listing, we can get it back for you.

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Rescue and Repair Your Yelp Listing

Yelp has used some controversial tactics to extract money from small business owners, but it is well used by a demographic that isn’t using Google Maps (think iPhone users). If Yelp gets customers in your door or clients calling, you can’t afford not to have an accurate, well-made Yelp listing. We can help create the listing and teach you how to maintain it. Depending on your audience and offering, advertising with Yelp can be an important piece of your online visibility puzzle.

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Social Media Advertising

Looking for help with your social media posts? Learn more on our social media branding page.

Facebook and Instagram advertising is one of the most effective ways ever imagined to engage with a specific (and we mean specific) audience. Nothing compares with its ability to keep in touch with your current customers, or find new ones who have expressed interest in what you do, if they are hanging out on these two platforms. Let Marketing Java design your next Facebook ad campaign and avoid the pitfalls of “boosting” posts that Facebook tells you are performing well but have no real value to your bottom line.

Did you know that iPhone users looking for a “coffee shop nearby” are sent to Yelp? If you aren’t on Yelp, and your prospects are holding an iPhone, you are missing out. Yelp has gotten better about allowing business owners to see the reach and results of the Yelp for Business listing service – we can help you understand those insights and make a sound advertising decision.

It can seem as if there are as many *social ad platforms as there are stars in the sky! To name a few:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Google My Business
  • Yelp
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Amazon

*Marketing Java defines social ads as those built on a platform where users are able to post their own content, converse with one another, and/or review and rate the products and services they claim to have used.

Call us today and let us walk you through your options so you can choose the advertising platforms that align best with your goals and audience.

Free Online Ad Consultation

Other Listing Services, Other Ad Platforms

It seems there really are more listing services and ad platforms online than there are stars in the sky! If you would like to learn more about specialized lists and ad platforms specific to your industry or demographic, give us a call and let us put a recommendation together for you.

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Organic Search Marketing Success and Google My Business

In some cases, Google’s free, local business listings for Google Maps (aka Google My Business) can be more important than a fancy website, even if you don’t have a brick and mortar storefront. If your Google My Business listing ranks well for searches that apply to your business, then your website is going to be seen by prospective customers searching on Google. In fact, some small businesses can do just fine with the free website Google offers to everyone with a Google My Business listing, as long as they have

  • a plethora of GREAT customer reviews,
  • a good search marketing plan, and
  • excellent online listing management skills

Not sure how your business ranks? Give us a call and we will walk you through some tools you can use to see how you rank against your competition.

How important is Yelp, or a directory listing?

Even if customers NEVER visit a listing service such as these to find your business, the search engines still check listing data against your website to see how serious you are about maintaining an accurate, professional online presence. Inaccurate online listings can have a negative impact on how well your website shows up on Google and other search engines. Want to see how the web sees your business right now?

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Should I be Running Online Ads?

If you want to be found online when customers and clients are searching for what you offer, then yes. It’s a complicated, dizzying world of options when it comes to gaining the attention of today’s consumer and it takes more than good website content and organic page rank to make happen. You need to consider:

  1. How well and how often your business is presented online outside of your website.
  2. How you are reaching new prospects who don’t know your business or product name but are searching for what you have to offer.
  3. If your business will do better advertising on social platforms or if your focus should be on search engine advertising (or both!).

Most businesses need a Search Engine Marketing Agency that can help them evaluate and plan their unique strategy for digital advertising – which goes way beyond boosting a Facebook post. You may be able to run simple ads with Google Ads, or need help utilizing Google’s advanced advertising features.

Marketing Java Can Help You Choose the Right Types of Online Advertising

Should you advertise on a social platform? If yes, which one? Would you do better running a search engine ad so that your offer pops up when a prospect queries for the products or services you offer? Let Marketing Java provide a free evaluation of your online advertising options so you can make the choice that’s right for your business!

As a boutique online marketing agency, Marketing Java has the ability to really listen to our clients needs and goals, rather than slapping a cookie-cutter solution on your unique situation. Let us help – the consultation is free and you will be better prepared to make a good choice, even if you don’t do business with us today.

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