Customer Feedback Is Golden

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2336528544_12c8c64896_mIn case you’re ever worried about the negative feedback customers provide, consider this: It’s really an opportunity to do better. By your customers telling you where you’ve failed or come up short, they are giving you what could normally cost thousands (or even millions) in research and development, surveys, focus groups and other efforts.

When a customer reaches out and gives you feedback, be truly grateful. What they’re really saying is, “I want to do business with you, here’s what you can do to keep me.” This is priceless and you’re ahead of the game, they’re telling you they want to stay, rather than taking off.

For more on this, read this awesome report on the subject, Aberdeen – The ROI Of Customer Feedback.

Have your say: I’d love to hear how you took a customer’s negative feedback and turned them into a loyal customer or how you, as a customer gave feedback and saw immediate results or none at all.
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