Crash Courses Coming in Colorado

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I really didn’t plan for that kind of alliteration, but here goes: Have you ever tried to complete a complicated RFP from a state agency you want to do business with? Harrowing experience, right? Nonetheless, businesses across the nation forge ahead and do it, hoping against hope  that just maybe their small business will be granted the deal.

tangledHow about trying to get financing for your start up? Nowadays, that tight rope walk is more daunting than ever before, as stricter standards have made it almost impossible to get an SBA loan to start your dream business.

These are just a few topics being tackled at the state level here in Colorado. A new initiative by the Minority Business and Women’s office has geared up to provide some very timely workshops, the next of which takes place on January 14, 2010. Organizer LeRoy Romero reports great interest in the presentations being offered. “We’ve had outstanding feedback on the upcoming workshops. We offered these in other parts of the state and decided the success was so good, it would be ideal to offer them to businesses in this area.” While the main theme of the workshops will cover some of the key ways to position your business to work with state agencies, also discussed will be what the SBA looks for when considering providing a loan for a small business.” Presenters will be from several different agencies and the workshops will be  offered again on February 11, 2010. At $10.00, it’s reasonably priced, especially considering the complexity of the subject matter to be covered.

Interested in attending? I’ve uploaded the flyer here. Photo Credit: cudmore

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