Copywriters Can Be Your Best Social Media Value

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Why? ninja copywriter

Because good copywriters in the social sphere are different than your garden-variety writers.
We listen very well.
We can research and write like mad.
We’re great at conversations.   
We believe in Strunk and White.
We’re well-connected.
We’re communications ninjas.

And while initially we might not know one iota about your business, after carefully considering your company, its offerings, its philosophy and its people, we’ll know more about your business than even some of your employees.
Because as copywriters, it’s our job.
Our job requires us to get intimately familiar with your business.

Our job requires us to become utterly consumed with what you do and how you do it.  Our job is not doing your job, but doing ours.

And our job is to paint the fabulousness that is you, one character at a time.
And it’s to say it in such a way that engages, informs and builds rapport.
And in social media, when you’re talking written conversation, what you say and how you say it means everything.

So next time you’re considering adding to the conversation with your customers, consider a copywriter in the social media realm; it could be the best money you ever spend.

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Also, a nice read by Brendan Cooper.

9 thoughts on “Copywriters Can Be Your Best Social Media Value

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  • Brendan

    Hey, thanks for the link! I should add that I'm a Brendan, not a Brendon. It's important, as copywriters, to make sure we spell people's names correctly!

    • Deb Kolaras

      Duly noted and corrected, thanks Brendan 🙂

  • Vincent Lewis

    This is a great site and I wanted to post a little note to let you know, nice job and nice perspective in this post. Your article reminded me how much money I wasted having regular staff write our marketing materials in the past. It was never quite right and always seemed like we’d spend too much time revising, revising, did I mention revising? We’ve just started our social media efforts, and I’m not keen on having to babysit someone to write our messaging. I think we’ll give your idea a whirl. And expect a call from me. – Regards, Vincent Lewis

    • Deb Kolaras

      How I missed your note here is a mystery. However, didn’t miss your call and thanks for that. I’m happy this post helped, but also happier that we’re working together 🙂

  • Terrence Macon

    From one writer to another, I have to agree. I never thought about it before, but we may be the MOST qualified to create messaging in social media channels. We’re resourceful, summarize well, not to mention work with brands of every kind. Thank you for giving me something to think about and maybe add to my own list of offerings.

    • Deb Kolaras

      Glad to help, Terrence and it’s all about figuring out the skills you have a repackaging them to suit your conditions. We writers are essentially chameleons.

  • Joseph Farris

    We’ve been deliberating for some time over who to use for our social media posts. Everyone is maxed out and it’s hard to designate a person from our small staff. This actually gives me the idea that maybe we can get a local freelancing copywriter to do it. Are there some questions you might suggest I ask in choosing one? thanks.