Business Cards Keep It Real

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cardI’ve been struck at recent mixers where there is an odd snobbishness surrounding the use of business cards. “Why do people even have these, we’re in the tech age.” Sure we are kids, but nothing beats handing a card to someone that sums up everything, most importantly, how to contact someone you’ve just met, or even refer them to a colleague with ease later on.

I will often claim that being a female means I’m equipped with a mind like a steel trap, but the fact of the matter is even the sharpest of us can’t remember everything, especially if cocktails are involved. And what if my  Blackberry got run over by a scooter, the precious new data all but destroyed? Besides, don’t cards speak volumes about the person and their business? Of course they do, and you can learn a lot about their company culture, ideas, and innovations in that little space. Other great side effects from having your cards handy:

  • It’s a more reassuring sign you’re actually taking your business seriously
  • Designed correctly, a card sums things up quickly, no notes needed
  • If left in your forgotten jacket or purse, you can be contacted
  • For the bashful, it gives the elevator speech you might not have the courage for
  • It’s an easy way to share a promotion you’re running
  • When clients have them, it’s easy for them to give them to others
  • In customer service, it adds a great point of personalized contact
  • They can be made to be bookmarks or other useful items, giving them and your name longer shelf life

Do you think business cards have had their time in the sun, or are you an ardent supporter of these mini-billboards? Have your say! @bizcoachdeb

2 thoughts on “Business Cards Keep It Real

  • M. Douglas Wray

    Very thought-provoking! In this new age of laser-cutting systems you can make a businesscard out of almost anything. No to mention some lovely engraving-like stuff you can do. I have some really nice clip-style bookmarks that I LOVE and it would be cool to have a business card made from one of these: but the $$$$$$!!!!!! yipe. I wonder if something like that could be done from cardstock… hmmm. LOL. SEE! There ya go!!! Got me thinkin. (wags finger) smile.

  • Deb Kolaras

    Doug, those are super cool and if you figure it out, I hope you remember me (and send me some!)


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