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growlingNearly reserving this commentary for another post, a marketing postcard arrived to me in the mail today and reminded what a pet peeve this is: When you have a domain name, why on earth would you not propagate it by using it in your email? This has vexed me for as long as I’ve used email. The answer I typically get from clients is, “it’s just easier” or “I’ve had the other for so long.” Neither are good enough reasons to take the focus off your brand. When you use those freebie Comcast, Hotmail, Yahoo, or Gmail accounts as the “go to” email address, you really diminish the capacity for your own domain name to become popular or even recognizable. If you are real want to build your brand and your identity, your email address is the easiest place to start.

Back to that postcard I got today: it’s from a real estate agent in my area. It lists her domain with her name in it, but oddly, she’s using (can you hear me growling??!) Even worse and to make matters more confusing, when you go to her web address, it shows the same picture as the postcard, but her last name is different AND her street address and town are completely different from what’s on the card. Which one is the right one? Such a breakdown should never occur. What a waste of money and effort.

So, the lesson here is really twofold: (1) If you want to build your own brand, not someone else’s mega brand, commit to using your domain in your email. Hire a pro to help you figure it out if it’s confusing to you (I can direct you to recommended pros, email me.) (2) Make sure all your contact information is the same across the materials you’re using. Doing otherwise is just like tossing your marketing dollar right in the toilet.

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