About Marketing Java

Digital Marketing For Over Two Decades

Based in Boulder, Colorado, Marketing Java’s founders have been working with small businesses since the early 1990’s. Our agency serves clients in 38 states, providing web design, marketing and social media services, sprinkled with a generous dash of business coaching. We work primarily with small companies because let’s face it; they’re the backbone of the U.S. economy!

Our team works in a “virtual office”, with everyone located in the Denver/Boulder area. We believe that building a stronger economy means keeping jobs stateside, and hiring talent at home, so to that end, we employ only U.S. workers and *never* offshore any part of our work – ever.

Steeped in Technology

By leveraging great tools and the latest in technology, plus applying the ‘human touch’, projects are managed efficiently from start to finish, all the while making a minimal carbon footprint. How? Because we commute in our slippers and flip flops instead of our cars 🙂

It’s About Community

It’s not enough to just run a business; we take pride in being an active contributor to our community as a whole. We donate our services and skills to numerous non-profits, sponsor local events, plus volunteer at civic and community activities, and teach in classrooms and forums up and down the Front Range. This kind of volunteerism is indeed the fiber of our agency.

We also support the following organizations who do amazing work directly in our community: