5 Online Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

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Build online communities around your small business and stay social

The largest advantage your business has over a mega-conglomerate is your ability to form a connection to your local community.
Build online communities around your small business and stay social to keep your business in the hearts and minds of residents. Where does your neighborhood get their news from? Is there an online forum for the community? Is there a hashtag or subreddit for your town? People love when they can connect with a business owner or face of a company – so be open to two way conversations about how your business can adapt to local needs, and accept feedback.

Get on Yelp, Trip Advisor and Angie’s List if it applies to you. Check out Moz’s free analysis of your website for local ranking. Tweet about trends happening around your business at least once a day.

Have a monthly newsletter showcasing your small business in the community & offer discounts

Email marketing is a great way to reach your customers – as long as your content interests or benefits them. When you have a monthly newsletter showcasing your small business in the community & offer discounts, you not only get people up to speed on what your company is doing, but you can offer discounts and specials that bring your customers back for more. Plus, a snapshot into your company’s involvement in the community ensures people will stay interested in your local small business. Spend a couple hours making a template to drop your content into each month; there are tons of resources online to help you build your own. Once you’ve got your template ready to go, dedicate 1-2 hours each month to composing your newsletter. A great newsletter includes a discount/deal/special, an event showcase, and a blog post or personal profile. You can add more if you have the content of course, but try to stay below 5 topics. If your email is too long, people won’t read it.

Implement basic Search Engine Optimization for your business’s website

Take a second right now to write down 20 words and/or phrases that relate to your business. We’ll wait. Got em? Good. We’re going to use these words and phrases to implement basic search engine optimization for your business’s website. Search Engine Optimization is another name for SEO. By doing basic SEO, your business’s website will have a leg up on competitors that don’t implement any. Don’t overstuff your webpages with these words, just keep them in mind as you edit your content and add new pages. If you are using WordPress, a great plugin is YOAST, which will give you a grade on each webpage depending on what keyword or phrase you choose for the page. YOAST will also allow you to easily edit the meta-description on your page, which is super important. If you can input a meta-description, you absolutely should! A meta-description is a quick synopsis of your web page that google or other search engines may display in search results. You’ll want to include your keyword for that page, as well as a useful summary of the information found in the page. The meta-description is pictured below the purple headline and green subheading – in the black text.

Write a blog about your business

No one knows your business like you. So, write a blog about your business! Sure blogging takes some time – you will probably need to set aside 2-3 hours per blog, BUT no one is making you do your blog all at once. Throughout the week, jot down blog topics as they come to mind. Write down sub-headings as they come to you as well. When you sit down to write, you’ll have a narrow focus to start from. Then it’s just a matter of fleshing out your topics, and acquiring links to your references. A few tips for making your blog an effective piece for your business – try to aim for 600 words or more, make sure your subheadings reference your business’s keywords when possible. Make sure to stick to a consistent schedule – whether it be once a week, once every two weeks or once a month. Consistently updating your website causes google to crawl your website on a consistent basis, and may improve your google rankings. If you don’t have time to blog yourself, Marketing Java offers a low cost solution to your blogging needs.

Keep your business website up to date

The last and most obvious tip is to always keep your business website up to date. Depending on what your business is about, it may make sense to check through once a month, or once every three months. Make sure you are current on prices, and make edits promptly. A well maintained website looks better to google, and makes sure your customers have an optimal experience with your business online.

If you need help with online marketing tips for your small business, Marketing Java is here to listen! We brew up small business online marketing tips, content, and support every day and we’re happy to answer your questions. Drop us a line, or give us a call today for a free consultation and start moving up in Google page-rankings!

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