4 Easy Steps for Adding a Google My Business Manager

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As a small business owner, you have way too much to do, we get it. You’re trying to keep up with Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and you’re not even sure why. Your website content is out of date and needs your attention, and now…. Google wants you to stay  “active” on your Google My Business listing – whatever that means!

Why is Google My Business So Important?

You remember the last time you wanted a cup of coffee, but weren’t sure where the nearest coffee shop was? You asked Google where the nearest coffee shop was, and a handy map popped up with several listings for you to choose from. But did you know you weren’t actually seeing ALL of the coffee shops nearby? Those little A,B,C pins that pop up on the map only represent a portion of the possible choices you have. Google sent you to the closest coffee shop that had a Google My Business listing and was taking good care of it. Some listings do get included that aren’t being well managed, but the point here is that if yours IS well managed and your are nearby, not only will you be listed in the search return, but the effort you have put into describing your offering properly, and inviting the prospective customer to take a look at what you do will pay off – they will see you, and they will choose you.

You Don’t Need a Storefront to be Found

Marketing Java is an online business – we have no physical address that customers visit to learn more about our services. If you have no physical address, that’s okay. You don’t need a storefront to be found, but you still need a Google My Business listing if people are searching for the type of work you do in your community. If you ARE displaying a physical address (like your home, if you’re a home based business) even though you don’t have a storefront, you need to hide it. You don’t need a picture of your driveway displayed every time someone searches for your business on Google.

If you don’t have time, don’t know how, or aren’t tech savvy, assign a manager who can add images, tell stories, and respond to Google Reviews (this is REALLY important) for your Google My Business listing. Don’t know who to ask? Marketing Java would be my top choice! We are affordable, we’ve helped dozens of clients in Boulder, Colorado, and manage listings for clients all over the U.S.

How To Add a Google My Business Manager

    1. Use the gmail account that is affiliated with your listing ( …@gmail.com ) to login in at business.google.com. If you don’t know the address that was used, contact Google and they can help you recover your listing.

screenshot of Google My Business sign in page

    1. Once you login, you will see your business name in the top left corner, and three dashes – click those, then select Manager Users from the menu that pops up:

screenshot for adding google my business manager

    1. A pop up will appear, and you can add new users to your Google My Business listing:

screenshot for adding google my business manager

    1. Next, you will add the email address of the person/people you want to manage your account, and click INVITE.

screenshot for adding google my business manager


You should be the primary owner. If you’re not, add yourself as an owner and later, you can make yourself the primary owner. You can add a Google My Business Manager, or Google My Business Communications Manager, depending on what you want this person to do for you.

Which Google My Business Role Should You Assign?

You will have to decide which Google My Business role to assign. If you’re adding someone who is going to help get your listing up to snuff, make him/her a Manager. If your just adding someone to help add content, and keep your listing “active” per Google, choose Communications Manager.

Yay! You did it!! Once you click INVITE, your new helper will be notified and can begin work on your Google My Business listing. If you need help with your Google My Business listing, Marketing Java is here for you! We brew up small business online marketing tips, content, and support every day and we’re happy to answer your questions. Drop us a line, or give us a call today for a free consultation and start moving up in Google page-rankings!

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